Le Paysage is a French wedding photography and wedding videography company newly based in Scotland. We are currently covering areas such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sterling, Dundee, and much more.

For many years now, we have been extremely lucky to be able to make our passion for photography and videography our career. We have been professional wedding photographers and wedding videographers for a long time and our passion for our craft have enabled us to travel around the world to perfect our art.

Being entrusted as the storyteller of your wedding and faithfully capturing the emotions and essence of your special day, onto photographs and videos, is our honour and privilege. We are very proud to say that we are comprised of the best wedding photographers and wedding videographers in Scotland. We are professional, reliable, and committed to you and to making your wedding day special and unforgettable.

We have a contemporary/fashion-based style wedding photography. Our wedding photographer will combine candid images of the events of the day with posed images that are inspired by editorial fashion photography. This style often involves more innovative and dramatic post-processing of images. We are very original in our approach to photography and will provide you with wedding shots that will blow you away.

Our wedding video style is documentary and cinematic. We edit our videos to fully capture and translate the emotion, effect, and mood of the wedding to the viewers. Our wedding videos are usually presented with a particular style and “wow” effect that may not be present in a “mere documentary” of the event.

As professional wedding photographers and videographers Scotland, we shall bring our expertise and years of experience to your wedding to anticipate and capture those priceless moments that you and your family will enjoy forever.

As professional wedding photographers and videographers, your event will be documented in an unobtrusive, relaxed, and respectful manner.

As professional wedding photographers and videographers, we will meticulously plan your event so that all your needs and requirements are fulfilled.

Wedding photographers and wedding videographers are the guardians of your treasured memories. Entrust Le Paysage with the key and you will be satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.




We have been professional wedding photographers and wedding videographers for numerous years now and have had the opportunity to cover many events and weddings in different parts of the world. With a refreshing yet organic style, we like to keep things as uncomplicated as possible and stay focused on the main objective, which is to tell your story in a beautiful and emotional manner and leave you with precious photographs and videos that captured the essence of who you both are as a couple.

Being a wedding photographer or wedding videographer in Scotland is not just about taking pictures or videos. There is a story behind each photo or video taken. To us, an image isn’t just a picture and a video isn’t just a video. It’s the proof that you lived and loved deeply. Your images and videos are your life, they will be there long after you are gone and will be your indelible impression of your fleeting time on earth.



We love the simplicity and collateral beauty of moments. As photographers and videographers, we strive to capture the authenticity and unexpected nature of events and people as it unfolds.

Of all events, being entrusted with shooting photographs for a wedding is a real privilege. Having friends and loved ones gathered in one place to celebrate the success and happiness of a couple is an experience to be treasured and is a testament to the goodness of the human nature. Wedding ceremonies often take place in beautiful venues, filled with beautiful wedding flowers, delicious and stylish wedding cakes, ribbons, and sophisticated details. A wedding is one of the most wonderful and meaningful days in the life of a couple, and we will guarantee to beautifully capture your memorable day.

Our passion is to capture through photography, the essence of moments that take your breath away. Photographs can captivate the singularity of your wedding day and in the future rekindle the memories of your special day.

Yet, videography enables to unite on the same medium, sounds, movements, emotions and truly convey the atmosphere and essence of your whole wedding day.

We sincerely care about bringing as much passion and professionalism in shooting your wedding as we would do ours. As professional wedding photographers and videographers Scotland, your satisfaction is our aspiration and we will give our absolute best to ensure you truly enjoy the whole experience.



The choice of a wedding photographer and wedding videographer in Scotland is not something that you do every day. So, it is very important to feel confident about your choice. Choosing someone competent, experienced, reliable, able to fully understand you and your partner, and with whom you feel comfortable is very important. For us, a wedding photographer or wedding videographer Scotland is not just about taking photos or videos. We, Le Paysage, always take the time to get to know you both, your wedding venue , and what you expect from us in order to best fulfil your requirements and vision of your wedding. This process is essential in order to tell your story in a way that best suits and resonates with you.

On your wedding day, it is obvious that you want to have the best of everything. You want to be relaxed, enjoy the journey, and end up with photographs and videos that revive the memories of such an astonishing day. We understand that your wedding day is unique, and to capture the singularity and the spirit of it, is crucial. Being entrusted with documenting your wedding day is a great honour and privilege. Our sole purpose as your wedding photographer and wedding videographer will be to capture striking yet subtle moments and details of your wedding in order to provide you with long-lasting and invaluable memories. You can fully rely on us to capture real instants of love, emotions, and feature gorgeous details which will be the canvas and foundation of the story of your wedding. Specialised in natural, emotive, and poignant images, we will ensure you have the best experience of your life while being discreet and professional. We edit the photographs and videos to an exceptionally high standard while keeping the images authentic ensuring that the wedding album will be treasured by you forever.

Working with Le Paysage is the assurance of building fabulous wedding memories through exceptional wedding photography and videography.

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