How do you book us as your wedding photographer?
It is easy to get in touch with us. Via our contact page, send us an email filling in your details, wedding date, and other requirements. We can then agree on a date and a time that would best suit you, during which we can further discuss about your vision for your wedding. Following this, you will receive a booking form and some time to decide whether you would like to confirm a booking date. If you decide to proceed, all you need to do is to fill out the form and include a deposit to secure the date. When all paperwork and deposit are received, we will email you back a signed confirmation for your records.

When do I have to finalize all payment?
All payments need to be finalised at least 4 weeks before the wedding day or by a date mutually agreed between our service and the client. Please be aware that we do not commence any work until confirmation of full payment.

What happens if the climate changes during the day?
Not a problem – it often happens. We have the appropriate material to overcome such a predicament so the shooting can continue outside even if the climate changes. Some months usually consist of a little shower, so we can switch things around, and do the outside photographs later in the day. Some brides are happy to go out regardless of the rain and umbrellas are provided that play a feature in the photos. Scottish weather can be unpredictable at times but we know how to take full advantage of it on camera.

Do you shoot wedding pictures outside of Scotland?
Yes, we do. Even though we are based in Scotland, we are happy to travel all over the world providing we have enough time to prepare.

When will my wedding photos be available?
Your photographs will be available online after two weeks from the date of your wedding. Once you have selected your chosen images for your wedding album we undertake to have the album ready within 4 weeks.

How many wedding photos will I get?
The number of photographs produced will vary depending on the time we spend with you. Personal attention is given to each of them. Please do not hesitate to make specific requests.

What image quality do you offer?
As professionals, we will provide you with high resolution digital pictures. Large versions of images are available and can be agreed at time of consultation. You can be provided with a photo album as part of our package. If preferable, the images can be uploaded onto cd or usb key.
We will discuss our various packages and their associated costs during our consultation.

Do you offer videography?
This option is available and we encourage couples to video their special day as it will capture moments that photographs cannot capture.

What are your prices?
Prices depend on the client requirements and a host of other factors.
We offer high-end services, and provide artistic and high quality resolution images at a reasonable price. I am sure you will be impressed by the impeccable quality of our work as well as the quick delivery of the finished product. We perform in a flexible, relaxed, and highly organised environment. We are at your total disposal if you need any additional information.

Is pre-wedding shoot a must have?
No, it is not. But it is the best way to know the photographers better and boost your confidence in front of the lens. Also, it is a good opportunity to have fun in a relaxed manner. We will prove to you that, even if you are camera-shy, you can enjoy the process, and hopefully be stress free where the camera is concerned on your wedding day.

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