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25 March 2017

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer in Scotland

Here are the 5 reasons why we believe that hiring a wedding videographer for your wedding is essential:

1. Hire a wedding videographer and capture Movement and Sound

As beautiful as a wedding photograph may be, it can only capture a moment in time. On the contrary, a wedding video captures the essence of a whole scene, it captures sounds and movements and therefore offer viewers a full visual and emotional experience. A wedding video would enable you to fully relive your first kiss, watch your dad as he walks you down the aisle, listen to the wise words of the minister prior to formalizing your union, watch the emotion of your spouse during the first dance and so much more.

2. Hire a wedding videographer and capture the Emotion Factor

Being able to capture emotions and translate that emotion on screen is a talent and an art. An art that takes hard work, dedication, and years of experience to perfect. This is the reason why it is important to hire a professional wedding videographer not only to capture raw footage of your wedding day but also to post-edit your wedding video to produce a final product which would tell your story with true emotion and style. From the choice of shots and the music, the post-production work is essential to convey the full array of emotions witnessed throughout the wedding to the viewers.

3. Hire a wedding videographer and document all your Wedding Details

A lot of thoughts and hours hard work and planning will have gone into the preparation of your dreamed wedding. Yet your wedding day will go by very quickly, and unfortunately, you won’t be able to see everything. You will not be able to live the getting ready moments of your spouse, or see the emotion on close friends and family as you walk down the aisle, or see your mom or dad shedding a tear during the reception. Your wedding will be a very pleasurable but hectic day, which will feel somewhat like a blur when it is all finished. A wedding videographer can capture these fleeting priceless moments and allow you to fully relive your wedding day subsequently in the comfort of your home. Imagine the excitement of sitting down together as a newly married couple and seeing the various parts you have missed. Wedding videos give you one more thing to look forward to, but most importantly capture in film and for generations to come your priceless moments.

4. Hire a wedding videographer and watch your Wedding Video for Years and Generation to come

While you can’t hang your wedding video on your wall like a photograph, you could decide to watch it with your spouse every year on your anniversary. Your wedding video would make your anniversary even more special by letting these beautiful memories and emotions come flooding back. In addition, imagine if you could watch your grandmother’s wedding. Imagine if you could feel part of her special day, see her young again. Would it not be a fabulous experience and a great gift to your offspring?

5. Hire a wedding videographer and share your Wedding Video with Friends

With the recent progress of technology and the current state of the internet, you are only one click away from downloading or sharing your wedding video with family and friends through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+. Most wedding videographers will provide you with a digital copy of your wedding video, and some may even be able to create short clips for you, to easily upload it onto your various social media accounts. But most importantly, it makes hiring a wedding videographer ideal for couples who are having a very close and intimate wedding, or a destination wedding, and share your beautiful event with those who unfortunately were unable to attend.

Hire your wedding videographer Scotland with Le Paysage and star in your own movie. Le Paysage’s wedding videography style is modern, cinematic, yet journalistic. The wedding video, we will provide you with, will blow you away.

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