Wedding photography has always been a real passion of ours. We love to capture the emotions of your special moments in life and tell stories without words. We believe pictures are one of the best ways to document your life events and ensure that your special moments never fade over time. This profound love for capturing moments, emotions, and beauty led us to become professional wedding photographers.
Nowadays, some couples get misled by friends, family, who wrongly believe that today’s modern technology and the evolution of cameras on smartphones would enable them to shoot their wedding photographs using a friend instead of hiring a professional wedding photographer in Scotland. Despite being lured by the prospect of potentially saving some money on their wedding budget, not hiring a professional wedding photographer is a recipe for disaster. Based on the same principle, why would you not reduce costs by hosting your wedding at your home, collecting the flowers yourself or catering for your wedding? Simply because you want your wedding to be outstanding and for this, you require the knowhow and expertise of wedding professionals.
Wedding ceremonies and engagement celebrations are a one in a lifetime event filled with joy and happiness, and we would encourage that these precious moments be captured by a professional photographer. With great thought given to every detail, from the time of year you will be married, wedding flowers, wedding venue, favours, bridesmaids dresses, and your magnificent wedding dress, we believe our camera is the tool through which we give a reason to everything around us. It is with our expertise and professionalism that we will ensure that the most striking images are caught and are enjoyed by you and your family for a lifetime. Capturing that fleeting glance from your mum looking at you walking down the aisle, or the laughter of friends as they reminisce on your youth, or the emotion of the father as he accompanies you down the aisle is an art and our priority.
As professional wedding photographers in Glasgow/Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland, we are committed to you and are reliable.
Our equipment is state of the art and we attend every wedding with duplicates of all our equipment so, in the event a problem occurs, your wedding shoot will not be interrupted.
Despite numerous hours of planning going into it, a wedding day does not run like clockwork. As your wedding photographer, we will discuss the details and times of your day to ensure no special moments are missed and allow enough time to take all the formal photographs. We will plan your precious wedding day together in order to make you the happiest and most photogenic bride and groom.
We have the knowledge, experience, and capability to exceed your expectations. As professional wedding photographers in Glasgow/Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland, we will anticipate and capture those special moments, manage the stress and emotion of a wedding day, and communicate with your guests for group photographs. We will assist you in creating flattering poses for your bride and groom photographs.
We have contemporary/fashion-based wedding photography, our wedding photographer will combine candid images of the events of the day with posed images that are inspired by editorial fashion photography. This style often involves more innovative and dramatic post-processing of images. Your wedding photographs will be digitally enhanced in order to enrich the colours and natural beauty of the surroundings and create a work of art.
No two wedding couples are identical and your wedding photography will reflect your personalities. Whether you are an extrovert or the quiet type, love fashion style wedding photography or are more traditional, we will work closely with you to fulfil your vision for your wedding photographs. We will listen to your ideas and create wedding photographs which are unique to you.
Following your wedding, we will provide you with your wedding albums, displaying all the details of your day to the highest quality of clarity and colour in order to make your wonderful memory last for generations to come.
Le Paysage is the right engagement and wedding photographer Scotland to make your dream wedding come true.

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