As you might have noticed hiring a photo booth in Scotland has become increasingly popular amongst wedding organisers. Thousands of brides, grooms, bridesmaids and wedding guests have had the immense pleasure over the past few years to experience the fun of a photo booth and realise how much it can literally take your wedding reception to A-list heights.
A photo booth and its awesome props will guarantee the delight of all your guests and will, without a doubt, be the perfect addition to your wedding celebration. A wedding photo booth is the perfect ice breaker and will spur guests’ interaction. The wedding photo booth will soon become one of the main attraction. It will be within the secluded wall of the photo booth, sheltered from the sight of other wedding guests, that everyone will finally relax, be themselves, and magical moments will be created and captured. The wedding photo booth produces extremely high quality photographs and the unique photo booth setting will yield unconventional and exceptional wedding pictures and memories. Fun and for all ages, a wedding photo booth is entertaining, delightful, and will be remembered by all your guests forever.

Find below the reasons why we believe hiring your photo booth with us for your wedding in Scotland is your best option:

1. We offer competitive package pricing

We understand that organising a wedding can often be a source of financial stress, as a consequence we offer a variety of packages at competitive rates so that you can hire a photo booth for your wedding reception at a price that fits your budget. All our proposed packages are include everything you need to make your wedding photo booth experience a total success, and at no extra costs. As we are a company based in Glasgow, Scotland, there are no travel costs, our photo booth package pricing is competitive, transparent and clear.

2. Our philosophy

We will assist you throughout the creative process in order to fulfil your vision of your wedding and bring you the photo booth experience that you desire. Every bride and groom have a theme for their wedding, we will ensure your wedding photo booth be customised to suit your wedding theme and reflect your vision for your celebration.

3. Professional and Friendly Staff

When you book with Le Paysage you not only receive a photo booth for you wedding but a friendly and professional attendant as well. The attendant will engage with guests and ultimately create a welcoming atmosphere.

4. Quick and Efficient Setup and Takedown

Our professionally trained staff is capable of setting up the photo booth in a short period of time and with as little disturbance as possible, whether your event is being held indoors or outdoors.

5. Our fun and engaging props

A wide selection of props are provided with the wedding photo booth, ranging from the famous moustaches and funky glasses to fun pop-fiction signs and accessories! The props can also be made to match the theme of your wedding in order for your photo booth picture to seamlessly integrate the theme of your wedding.

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